Sean Abbott Band

Debut Album 2000

Atomic Invasion

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About Sean Abbott Band

Sean Abbott is a blues rock oriented guitar artist who has been called "A one man blues renaissance" ( and is keeping guitar music alive and well by performing guitar classics you would only get to see if you gathered the British and American guitar legends together in a room for one night.

Sean Abbott gives you that experience at every show, performing songs from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Jeff Beck, Jimi Page, Beatles classics are all in the set, as well as songs from "Atomic Invasion" his critically acclaimed debut album, and songs from his upcoming CD, Uprising, to be released in the spring.

Sean’s musical influences come from England as well as the United States and Toronto where he was born. He has mastered the guitar stylings of the British blues legends as well as the American blues masters. He is taking this sound to the masses to inspire a whole new generation of young people to pick up the guitar. With the fire of Jimi Hendrix and the finesse of Jeff Beck the audience is captivated from the first few notes to the final crescendo of the Beatles classic "A day in the life, The Thrill is gone, and Little Wing" as well as other timeless classics which proves that this music will never really go out of style.

Sean has played with many bands in the past including "Vice Squad, Shock Army, Taken by force, Dogs with Jobs" to name a few as well as playing guitar, engineering and producing the critically acclaimed Album, "Michael White plays the music of Led Zeppelin". All this bringing him to where he is now, pleasing fans around the world with guitar technique not seen very often in this age of electronic pre programmed limited ability musical acts of today.

Seeing the Sean Abbott band will bring you back to a time when virtuosity was commonplace in most of the musical acts of the day.

Working with some of the most talented people in the industry including Pete Bennett, (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones), Steve Boyer, (Eric Clapton) John Webster, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) has helped Sean become the accomplished and diverse artist he is today.

The players in Sean’s band draw from many different styles of music but all have a deep connection to blues and classic rock, which definitely comes across in their playing.

"I know I am not alone in expressing my gratitude to Sean Abbott for keeping Blues Rock alive."
"Sean Abbott is one of those guys with the talent to write, record, sing, play guitar and even produce his own record. Damn...gotta love that. This record is primarily a guitar lovers record with plenty of hard riffs and solos to enjoy, all set within a clear structure of the songs. No out of place free wheeling fret shredding here. The album has shades of southern rock, blues and straight forward hard rock, so those that appreciate diversity will get into this. As for the production, it is an indie release, but it comes together very well. A good record for guitar lovers and fellow musicians that can appreciate others talents."
"Sean Abbott Band Atomic Invasion" killer blues based punchy hard rock in a Tesla vein."